Genesis Artists Supplies
Australasian Home of Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints
Staedtler Lumocolor Non Permanent Pencil - $3.50
These are great for sketching over Genesis or writing on your palette.

Black                                           Blue

Green                                           Red

                                                White                                          Yellow

Palette Knife 1010 - $9.50
Stylus - $4.95
Lid Labels - $11.00

Glass Jar - $3.30
Perfect for storing your custom colour mixes.
Measuring Spoons - $6.60

A drop, a smidgen, a pinch, a dash and a tad - watch out the cook doesn't abscond with these.
Compartment Organiser - $19.95
Will take up to 28 Genesis tubs, or remove some of the dividers to carry brushes. Leave the tops off your paint and you can see the colours through the lid! The must have accessory! If you are travelling with this case it is advisable to keep the lids on your paint pots. Paint and labels not included.