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EASEL - ARTristic

The revolutionary ARTristic Easel.
Rotate your artwork, tilt it to full horizontal, raise it, lower it and instantly lock it at any angle or position while you’re painting. The ARTristic easel works with you to make painting easier, faster and pain free while greatly improving and enhancing your painting styles and techniques. Now you can fully concentrate on your line of vision by eliminating distractions like backaches, impossible brush stroke angles and unreachable corners of your artwork. You can paint sitting, standing or alternate back and forth. Once you’ve experienced the ARTristic easel, it is like your easel has disappeared and there is just you, your inspiration and your painting surface.

No matter what medium you paint in or whether you use boards, canvas stretchers, foam cores or scraper board, the ARTristic Easel will hold it firmly. From extremely small canvases up to 122cm (4ft) depending on the width of your canvas frame. Even round or oval. At a comfortable weight of 4.5 kilo you can fold up the legs instantly and with your painting still attached carry it wherever you want or transport it in your car. This easel takes the “pain” out of painting and the “work” out of artwork and will help you reveal faster your full creative potential as an artist.

PLEASE NOTE: When you place your order for an ARTristic Easel through the GENESIS ARTISTS SUPPLY web site you will receive extra free bonus gifts.

ARTristic Easel costs $375 including POSTAGE [Australian orders only]

The easels are posted directly from the manufacturer in Melbourne.  

See the Easel in action