Genesis Artists Supplies
Australasian Home of Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints
Genesis Heat Set Oil Paints are a unique paint so we suggest working on a couple small pieces until you get a feel for the paint and the drying process.  Once mastered GHS oil paints will open up a whole new world of creative opportunity for you. 


PALETTE - we recommend either a glass palette or a ceramic tile.  These make mashing the paint easy and are simple to clean up. 

BRUSHES - if you use the paint without thinners then oil paint brushes are recommended.  If you use odorless solvent to dilute/soften the paint then acrylic and water colour brushes will do the job.  A mop brush can be a great addition if you love blending and faded edges. 

TOOLS - palette knife or spoon for scooping the paint out of the tub, palette knife for mashing the paint

SUBSTRATE - you can paint on canvas, timber, primed mdf or ply, leather, paper, bisque, ceramic and many fabrics.  Reborn babies love Genesis.  Not recommended for glass as it can easily scratch off. 


Scoop a small amount of paint out of the tub onto your palette.  Mash the paint with the palette knife until it is soft.  The paint is now ready to use. 

Apply the paint to your canvas the same as you would oil or acrylic paint.

USING MEDIUMS - scoop the medium out of the tub, mash it into the paint and away you go.........
Thinning Medium
This can be used in a ratio of 3 parts paint to 2 parts Thinning Medium.  Thinning medium will 'soften' the paint but not make it runny.  Do NOT exceed the ratio of paint to medium - if you do then your painting will never dry.

Extender Medium
Use the Extender Medium for impasto work or just to make the paint go further.

Glazing Gel
Use this to make very transparent layers.

The paint needs to be heated to 129 degrees using either a heat gun or in an oven. 

Either baby wash cloths or dish detergent make good hand cleaners.

For quick clean ups just wipe them on a baby wash cloth or paper towel.  To give them a thorough clean either use odorless solvent or a good quality undiluted dish detergent.  If using the detergent rinse the brushes well in water and dry thoroughly before using again. 

The easiest way to clean up is to scrape any unwanted paint into a jar and then wipe any residue off with a baby wash cloth. 

Unused pure paint can easily be returned to the jar.  Mixed colours can either be left on the palette for use on another painting or stored in glass jars.  If storing mixed colours on the palette it is a good idea to put the palette in a dust/pest proof storage container or drawer.  If you have mixed Thinning Medium into the paint make sure you make a note of that so you don't accidentally add more later.