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Whilst you don't need to varnish your painting most artists choose to give their paintings that extra layer of protection.  Varnishing will even out the shine levels if you have used solvents.

Final Coat varnishes are water based and air dried.  They are compatible with Genesis so you can use them with confidence.   

Final Coat Varnish - Usage Guide

Developed with the KIS (Keep It Simple) philosophy in mind, Final Coat provides a durable and virtually flawless finish when applied in the following manner:

Pour or spray a small amount of Final Coat into a damp cotton cloth (old t-shirts are perfect.)
Gently WIPE the surface you wish to finish.  Allow the surface to dry (3 to 5 minutes under ideal conditions.)
Apply another coat.  Continue in this manner until you achieve the finish you desire.

You can use a brush if you like. 
Final Coat Semi Gloss 1 litre                          $44.00   

Final Coat Semi Gloss 500 ml                         $29.70

Final Coat  Semi Gloss 250 ml                        $19.80

Final Coat Low Gloss 1 litre                            $44.00

Final Coat Low Gloss 500 ml                          $29.70

Final Coat Low Gloss 250 ml                          $19.80

Genesis Heat Set Satin Varnish 4oz                $32.71

Genesis Heat Set Matte Varnish 4oz               $32.71

Genesis Heat Set Super Matte Varnish 4oz     $32.71
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Due to manufacturing issues we will not be able to get more stock until 2022.  This is totally out of our control and we plan to have more stock as soon as it is available.